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NLH offers treatment of obesity and its aesthetic defects.

Obesity is a problem which affects more and more people in varying age groups, both men and women. Following the medical progress NLH offers comprehensive methods of both obesity and its aesthetic defects treatment. In order to provide you with a full service in this field we created a comprehensive ‘Beautiful Body Clinic of NLH’ programme.

There are many methods of overweight and obesity treatment. Unfortunately the number of people whom the diet and physical activities cannot help is increasing. It happens because after the period of the decreased calorie supply which lasts for a few days or weeks and the energy spending during the physical exercises – patient returns to his or her old eating and physical habits. This results in the so-called yo-yo effect.

Among the desperate patients risky anorexic drugs, which affect the central nervous system and causes the loss of appetite, are getting more and more popular. Ingestion of such drugs by children, pregnant women, elders or people suffering from diseases connected with overweight and obesity is not permitted. The willful taking of such drugs can be harmful to your health and life.

For those struggling with overweight and obesity in vain a chance of some kind may be a removal of the respective stomach’s fragment. In NLH we have noticed however that all the above mentioned methods of overweight and obesity treatment very often do not guarantee satisfaction, effectiveness and safety in attaining the measurable effects in striving for a well-shaped, healthy and beautiful body.

NLH in cooperation with a group of specialists successful in a field of overweight and obesity treatment created a clinical programme of complex overweight and obesity treatment under the name: ‘Beautiful Body Clinic of NLH’. The aims of the programme are:

1. An effective and permanent weight loss, without applying any risky surgery methods. Patients who require a medical intervention consisting in reduction of stomach volume will be subjected to a modern and safe intragastric balloon procedure with the use of the balloon HELIOSPHERE, which is filled with air.

2. Body shaping. By the patients who despite the weight reduction still have local adipose tissue deposits which disfigure their body shape or features the specialists of NLH shall apply LIPOASPIRATION (liposuction) and/or fully painless INJECTION LYPOLYSIS in areas of the body which require additional modeling (such as: cheeks, mandible, chin, back side of the shoulders, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and calves)

3. BODY LIFTING. Substantial weight reduction is very often a reason for loosing of firmness in problematic body parts (shoulders, breasts, abdomen, thighs). ‘Beautiful Body Clinic of NLH’ programme offers procedures suited for particular body parts so that our patients can enjoy both slim and youthfully neat figure.

4. A well-shaped and charming body becomes very often a reason for one more step forward. The specialists from ‘Beautiful Body Clinic of NLH’ with pleasure will fulfill the Ladies’ dreams of a bigger, better-toned breasts, as well as the Gentlemen’s of more impressive attributes of masculinity.

5. A beautiful, neat body deserves a proper care. For that reason also the dietician and cosmetologist services are included in ‘Beautiful Body Clinic of NLH’ programme.

6. A beautiful body is a very good reason to take care of your well-being. Consultations with a psychotherapist crown ‘Beautiful Body Clinic of NLH’ programme.

7. Out of concern for the youthful look of your face which is often exposed to damage in overweight treatment ‘Beautiful Body Clinic of NLH’ programme includes also a ‘Beautiful Face’ project, which is based on the volumetry restoring procedures.